Friday 8 March 2013

RT601 - Adventurers Medley - Halfling Cook, Cyborg, Ventolin Pirate

Hi, Yesterday I told you I had a treat for you and here it is day two confined to the kitchen and today I managed to knock three classic miniatures out. I tested my new Army Painter inks on these miniatures, these were ordered from Warlord Games, I purchased one each of Strong Tone and Dark Tone inks and I am very impressed these inks are great replacements for Badaab Black and Devlan Mud washes, I am well versed in Strong Tone and Dark Tone army dips and these inks make a nice alternative. (p.s. The Army Painter super glue rules too)

The full original range can be seen here.

The later extended range can be seen here and here.

I am hoping to complete painting the Adventurers collection by the end of the year.

Here are my efforts.

Halfing Cook (Ratling), this fabulous miniature is obviously a ships cook and would be a welcome additioned to a Rogue Trader crew or a field cook for some Ratling snipers, made by designers who had a sense of humour. He has a pepper pot on his back which is a funny detail.
Halfing Cook (Ratling)
Halfing Cook (Ratling) - front
Halfing Cook (Ratling) - back

Cyborg (Servitor), definitely a precursor to the servitor, I will be working on the test-bred slave soon another precursor to the servitor. Eventually I will repaint my Bob Olley Servitors so he will have a few friends. (If mindless Servitors can make friends :s)

Cyborg - front

Cyborg - back

Ventolin Pirate, Humanoid Xenos perhaps? I wonder whats under the helmet? maybe a precursor to the Tau? I know nothing about the concept of this miniature, if anyone can enlighten me it would be great to hear from you.

Ventolin Pirate - side

Ventolin Pirate - front

Ventolin Pirate - back

thanks for looking


  1. I can't recall ever having seen background fluff for the Ventolin species.

    Ventolin is the stuff you get in some asthma inhalers, they probably nicked the name off that and promptly forgot all about it.

    That was pretty typical back in the day, some stuff spent like half a decade or more in development and other stuff just got tossed out there, never to be expanded upon.

  2. thanks Paul, that was quick, I guess the designer was probably an asthmatic then and I missed the 'in' joke, I should of seen it really with his helmet and breathing aparatus.