Thursday 7 March 2013

Scientist - Talisman Timescape

Hi Folks, ok I lied I was able to do some painting today as the decorators wanted me out of the way so I rustled up a few paints and painted a Talisman Timescape Scientist and started a couple of other things that I will treat you too soon. This miniature makes a great NPC for the Dark Heresy RPG (other rpgs are available of course :D) and also makes a great objective or collateral damge/bystander for Warhammer 40K , I have always believed in adding lots of extra civilian miniatures to a battlefield to give is a bit more character.

Here is the Talisman Timescape range as you can see most of the miniatures are suitable for Rogue Trader games (not quite sure about Indy, Indy the Inquisitor?) and I believe they quite rare now as I have seen them on Ebay for about £15-£20.

Here is my effort, I don't think the photo does him justice but as you know I am rubbish at photography and really need to invest in a better camera, lighting setup and a training course. I wish I knew a technique for painting glass effect for the test tube but I don't so I may go back to him someday after some research. I also tested my new Army Painter Insane Detail Brush and I have to say I am impressed, I think I am going stop painting to wargames standard and invest a more time in my miniatures.

Talisman Timescape Scientist - front

Talisman Timescape Scientist - back

Talisman Timescape Scientist - front

Talisman Timescape Scientist - back

Oh, what else did you do today? I here you ask, well 8am till 9am I dettol stripped 30 citadel Chaos thugs and my rubber gloves fell apart and now my hands hurt :(



  1. Dettol Dermatitis. People think war-gaming is easy. They don't know man, they just don't know.

    This is what war-gaming needs, more 'collateral damage' I mean civilians running around. It's like you read my mind. Well done.

    Nice PJ BTW.

  2. Thanks Paul, may I draw your attention to these
    so wrong to have kids on the battlefield but can you resist? I own two sets, hehe

    1. Thanks! A pack is winging its way to me now!