Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Guess what I have been painting? Warband Progress Part 1

Hello RT fans, Rogue Trader Adventurers I hear you say, WRONG!

Today's post is a bit off topic as I am having to run two painting projects at once and share the time equally between the two.  I do have several more RT adventurers 80% finished but these will be coming to you later in this week (Hopefully).  Anyway to all you Oldhammer fans out there you may be aware of my intentions of coming to the Oldhammer Event at the Foundry so I had to discipline myself and start painting my pool of Realm of Chaos miniatures to choose from. Here is my first chaos miniature of the new millenium, I am going with a Khornate Chaos Warband.

Chaos Beastman. (see here for catalogue entry)

There is loads of inspiration over on Orlygg's Blog so get over there and get reading.

p.s. PVA is still wet on the grass tufts at the time of photo, please ignore.



  1. Nice! Good work mate. Unfortunately, he will need more than a tidy lick of paint if he comes* anywhere near my Slaaneshi warband!

    *Not an innuendo.

  2. thanks Paul, he will be wearing your thongs and gimp masks as trophies after the oldhammer event

  3. Veru nice! He's a really cool Khorne beastman, one I don't yet own unfortunately. I'll get him one day though! I particularly like your shield design! Simple, classic!

  4. Hey Ninja thanks for comment I am glad you like, I cheat as the shield is a marauder plastic one. Although I am currently painting freehand designs on my latest beastmen.

  5. Hello,

    Your blog is really very interesting. I am an enthusiast of old CITADEL miniatures and old GAMES WORKSHOP products.


    Sir Roland

    1. Bonjour Alain,
      Thanks for the nice words, I am following your great blog now, keep up the good work, please keep reading I need you all.



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