Saturday 23 March 2013

RT601 - Adventurers - ExTech, Hero

Hello,  Today's miniatures are more from the classic RT601 - Adventurers range, we have the ExTech and the Hero. On their slotta mounts it reads Tech Adept and Feral Hero why GW didn't put this on the listings is a mystery as both sound better.

I enjoyed painting the ExTech, he carries an early flamer which looks similar to those carried in the Aliens movies so I imagine the miniature designer had Aliens in mind when he/she scuplted the miniature. 
ExTech (Tech Adept) - front

ExTech (Tech Adept) - back

The Hero reminds me of a John Carter of Mars, a Techno Barbarian who cares nothing for armour and relies on agility and dexterity to stay alive, he is wearing a loin cloth showing that he is either quite fashion conscious and accessorizing or that he is covering up his ballet tights.

Hero (Feral Hero) - front

Hero (Feral Hero) - back

Hero (Feral Hero)

I must point out both wear goggles which was a must for RT 1st Edition equipment, watch out for those blind grenades!

I have listened to several audio books this week while painting.

Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy by the BBC Radiophonic workshop with a very well known cast of UK actors playing the characters, I highly recommend this, it was about my 10th listen. You can see where many of the W40k concepts came from here.

Isaac Asimov - The Gods Themselves, this was a weird one not sure I will listen to it again.

Triplanetary by Doc E. E. Smith, I highly recommend this one two, a brilliant Sci-Fi story with plenty of history tied in.

My Realm of Chaos miniatures are coming on and i will have more Beastmen pictures to post hopefully tomorrow.



  1. Great reading list!

    Loved the Foundation stuff when I found them in the 90s, must revisit. The Gods themselves is not in the same league narrative-wise but it is frighteningly prescient, it contains some physics theory that would be cutting edge today. Possibly influenced a couple of Dredd stories too. I have missed Triplanetary so I will grab that on your recommendation, thanks.

  2. thanks Paul, yeah Dredd was dripping in references to classic Sci-Fi, the audio books are the only way I seem to be able to introduce this material to my 16 year old son, books are just not part of an average kids world, big shame really. If i listen to anything else I'll let you know, going to try out some W40k audio books soon to see how they rate against the classics

    1. Not sure what they put in the school dinners post 1994 but the teenagers in my family all have the attention span of pot-smoking goldfish.

      My mate is addicted to the GW audio books and burns then all for me, I have listened to (or attempted to listen to) them all to date. About 50% are utter trash and the rest are somewhere between satisfactory and guilty pleasure on the entertainment scale. At GWs prices I would recommend reading online reviews carefully before purchasing them second hand and burning them onto a memory stick so you can re-eBay the disc and mitigate the cost further as my chum does.

    2. thanks paul, if you have any recommedations on the warhammer/40k audio books I would be happy to hear from you