Saturday 8 September 2018

Rogue Trader - Piscean Warrior aka Saharduin

Hi Folks, todays Oldhammer miniature is a recent paint job that helped to complete my first March 1987 Warhammer 40K mail order flyer project, the legendary Piscean Warrior.

The minature is labelled as Saharduin on his slotta tab.  Sadly I do not know who this one was scultped by but I have my suspicions.  I painted this Piscean to match my Knightmare Miniatures Piscean Warrior which I painted back in 2014 you can see that miniature in this previous post here, I have the other Knightmare Miniatures Piscean Warrior lined up for a paint job soon.  This Piscean Warrior is armed with a Bolter with a stock, scope and a power sword.

Piscean Warrior - side
Piscean Warrior - front (I love this profile)
Piscean Warrior - side
Piscean Warrior - back (for completeness)
Piscean Warrior - side
Piscean Warrior - front
Piscean Warrior - side

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  1. This was pretty much the figure that made me start collecting the weird and obscure 40k ranges. Realising that there were bizarre aliens, scummy space pirates and rag-tag adventurers was a revalation.

    I love the charcoal grey contrasted with the gear and his beady white fishy eyes.

    1. Yeah, very weird and I am glad that it's one of kind except the fan sculpts, I could quite imagine him the chewie of a group of Rogue Trader rebels it just screams Ulysses 31 shark warriors too me.