Friday 13 December 2019

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 5

Greetings, our recent house move is complete and painting projects are recommencing, various boxes of Oldhammer are being raided in loft on a daily basis.

I did eventually manage to finish 3 more of Bob Olley's 1988 IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirates miniatures, only 4 miniatures to paint which I might add are half done and that will be another miniature range complete.  

The latest trio

Here's what I have done so far if you have not been following:

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Today's first miniature is Captain Dunbar, this sculpt is really nice, I like the helmet of this miniature and again I have went for a Volgan helmet in the same vein of Attitude Gorman, the weapon is really nice, I went for striped pantaloons in true pirate captain fashion. 

Captain Dunbar - front
Captain Dunbar - side

Captain Dunbar - back

Next we have Zandar, another strange alien, paint job I went for blue skin again being faithful to the original advent in the Book of Astronomican and shades of blue clothing, I love this ones gun and I am sure his weapon is a miniaturised version of Nemesis the Warlock or his living symbiotic vehicle Blitzspear both are very similar depending on which art you look at and both spit fire from their mouth grill, everything 2000ad was very popular with Game Workshop staff at the time and I like to think this was a little nod to it.

Zandar - front

Zandar - back


Nemesis the Warlock

And finally we have Verrington Khosht again an alien, in typical Bob Olley fashion he has sculpted a bizarre wrinkly extra-terrestrial head, nice body armour and a bolter type gun with attached combat blade, a common feature on these space pirates is having a hose attached to a pouch on the characters back leading back to the gun.  I went for a lucid green skill tone, natural tone armour scheme.

Verrington Khosht - front
Verrington Khosht - back

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