Tuesday 10 December 2019

Forces of the Imperium - Rogue Trader

Hello, todays classic Oldhammer miniature is the only Warhammer 40,000 1st Edition Rogue Trader character miniature released and I don't recall any other until recent times, the miniature was released alongside some other great characters as 'Forces of the Imperium' in White Dwarf 118 October 1989, I don't know who sculpted this miniature, I don't recall any art depicting him (but I haven't looked that hard), it's just one of those odd bod miniatures that wasn't produced for long and that is why it's quite scarce.

Dressed in a long trench coat with integrated body armour, a cap with goggles and the most amazing Imperial two-headed eagle on chest giving him the protection of Emperor in battle, he appears to be armed with a Power Sword akin to a light sabre not unlike some the RT01 Space Marines have and nicely sculpted Bolt Pistol without magazine clip, I guess the ammo must be in the grip handle. Pretty basic paint job as the trench coat pretty much envelops the miniature so lots of leather tan colour, tried having a go at the light sabre effect it required Citadel inks and a cotton bud to work the colour out.

If you can give me any knowledge about this miniature please chuck it in the comments, speculation is fine too.

Rogue Trader with Power Sword & Bolt Pistol - front

Rogue Trader with Power Sword & Bolt Pistol - back

White Dwarf 118 October 1989 advert

I think you will agree the new Blackstone Fortress Rogue Trader 'Janus Draik' certainly shares similarities with this classic miniature like the imperial eagle emblazoned on his chest, long pointy sword and the long coat.

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Trader 'Janus Draik

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  1. I didn't realise there was a rogue trader miniature. nice paint job, and good spot on the janus draik comparison.

  2. You've done a great job with this figure. It's such a weird mini as it looks deflated, like a saggy balloon. You've picked out the chest eagle very tightly, I know the sculpt is not that crisp in real life.

    Interestingly, the only other mini that comes close to being a Rogue Trader Rogue Trader is Captain Loebrow from the Imperial Space Marine range, who shows up on page 78 of the first Book of the Astronomican as the Rogue Trader in the Valerius Borodin army list. Not until 2001 we get another Rogue Trader in the form of Duke von Castellan, but he's a 54mm beastie.

    1. Thanks Curis, it's not the best miniature to take a photo of due to that deflated pose. That's a good shout about the Astronomican entry.