Wednesday 10 November 2021

Rogue Trader - Death Ferret

Hello, quick post today, my Oldhammer blog drafts are piling up and I have very little time to finish them off but here's a nice short one, in this post we have another one of the more uncommon Rogue Trader miniatures out there the oddly named Death Ferret, this miniature was available back in 1989 along side other odd bods the Gyrinx and a Jokaero, unfortunately no background was written for this 'alien' creature which is a shame as I am sure it would of been a right laugh.

How this miniature ended up in the Rogue Trader range is open to speculation, maybe another drawer 101 thing, I guess with the desperate need for alien miniatures in the Rogue Trader universe everything was game and I am surprised there's were not more critter like oddities out there, I, for one, would of loved to have owned a Pterasquirrel miniature. The Death Ferret is reminiscent of the C Series C22 Creatures range and may have roots there although the range was defunct by the time by the time Death Ferret was available.

Anyway time for photos.

Death Ferret - side

Death Ferret - side

Death Ferret - front

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  1. It is an oddity indeed, even by RT standards, but regardiing the mini itself I think you made quite an interesting job.
    If you are still looking for a Pterasquirrel mini, Krakon Games make quite a decent model, with a lot of oldschool vibe:

  2. This is the first time I've seen this rarity painted! Such a treat!

    1. thanks mate, not much you can do with it really other than flick some paint on