Wednesday 19 October 2022

Rogue Trader RT601 - Pirates - Part 4

Hello and welcome to another Oldhammer project that is at an end, the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader RT601 Pirates, my previous blog posts on this odd range can be read here:

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This post features the last four miniatures of the original range I had to paint.

Last four advert Pirates complete

I have included the original advert again for reference with my own numbering system.

RT601 Pirates - White Dwarf 103 - July 1988

First up we have Pirate 11, he is sculpted in one of those horrible lurching forward poses which is quite common for the Rogue trader era miniatures, he has a top knot and googles and has an autogun, curved sword and rum flask all very piratelike so I just had to give him a skull and crossbones badge. As always, I take photos of the backs of these miniatures for completeness, but they are pretty dull and awkward.

Pirate 11 - front
Pirate 11 - back

Next, we have Pirate 16 like most the miniatures of this range he shares the body of another, in this instance Pirate 11 above, this time he has been sculpted with a hood and wearing goggles, a cutdown bolter/autogun mash up, he still has the curved sword and rum flask, I painted a pentagram on his badge as I thought he might make a good cultist.

Pirate 16 - front
Pirate 16 - back

Pirate 16 and 11 - comparison 

Following on we have the original advert Pirate 20, simple miniature so got a simple paint job.

Pirate 20 - front
Pirate 20 - back

I've talked before about this guy in the previous Part 2 post where I unveiled Pirate 20v and linked in Pirate 6, my theory was that Pirate 20 face deteriorated with continuous casting, so the cyclops visor was added, I stick with this as Pirate 20 disappeared from the catalogues and Pirate 20v appeared.
Pirate 6, 20 and 20v - comparison

However just the other day a valued member of the Oldhammer community Kev Squebb made a new discovery (I shall call him 'Pirate 20 v2'), this Pirate 20 v2 has goggles, no idea when or why he came along and how many are out there, but it does raise a question in my mind, was he part of the transition to Pirate 2v (cyclops visor).  The completionist in me will be on the lookout for this one.

Pirate 20 v2 (courtesy of Kev)

And finally, Pirate 2, now I didn't originally own this one and it was a real pain to track down, but I got him in the end, he shares the body of Pirate 8 and is quite an awkward sculpt where some of Pirate 8 previous equipment is still visible, checkout the boot knife.  What is cool about this miniature is that I think it is the only Rogue Trader era miniature with his weapon slung over his shoulder which I found surprising as it was a staple pose of the plastic soldier era.  I had a go trying to paint him in tactical black, it helped his big menacing knife stand out.

Pirate 2 - front
Pirate 2 - back
Pirate 2 - side
Pirate 2 and 8 - comparison

thanks for taking a look


  1. Very nice work! The little badges/insignia are particularly good. But what is it with that bent-forward pose that was so popular in the Rogue Trader days? Was everyone in space about to be sick? Cool painting, anyway!

  2. I love the black mask of your Pirate 2. Makes him look like the Dread Pirate Roberts. Which is only fitting.

  3. I have to praise not only your painting skills (pretty obvious!), but your ability to take decent pics from these crouching guys! You made them look awesome!