Thursday 27 April 2017

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 6

Borag Thungg Earthlet,

Here's my latest batch of 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures, I have tried to discipline myself and do more weaponless citizens, the hoi polloi of Mega-City One's streets.

Again these miniatures are mostly from the JD3 Perps and Muties range with the occasional Slaughter Margin campaign miniature.

First up we have 'Bel' from the Slaughter Margin range a later 1987 sculpt, looks a bit like Richard Beckinsale, this Perp is a Scrawler and carries a couple of spray cans, an excellent addition to my non-combatant miniatures.

Bel the Scrawler from Slaughter Margin - front

Bel the Scrawler from Slaughter Margin - back

Next up is another inhabitant of Big Meg, nameless 'Citizen' who carries a very goblinoid looking mutie a baby, I took a few photos of this one to show you the baby too.

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - side

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - front

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - back

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - side

Next we have 'Squid Face' of the 'Mutie Brotherhoodin the Cursed Earth saga progs 65-66. I have already painted several members of his gang, Morgar the leader, Brother JobeeBrother GomorrahMutie with BazookaMutie in Dress, Brother Obee is the final Brotherhood member to complete and he'll be finished soon.

Squid Face - side

Squid Face - back

Squid Face - front

Continuing with have another Mutie 'Skink' I don't recall this one from any Dredd stories but I will be keeping my eye out for him as I read old progs at bedtime, he'll make a excellent Cursed Earth desperado and he is a variant of the Perp miniature 'Dib', I aim to do a post comparing all the Judge Dredd variants and how they were used to seed other ranges one day.
Skink - front

Skink - back

Here we have Captain Ravioli a miniature I painted back in the early 1990's and tidied up a little, he has Link Angels head and Rhode Island Red's body.

Captain Ravioli - front

Captain Ravioli - back

The next two miniatures are Judge Dredd Uglies, there were about 16 variants of 3 poses, the two below I also painted back in the early 1990's, I have loads of these Uglies and hope to paint enough for an Ugly Mug Ball (Prog 447) one day. We have Pig face and Flat Face below.

Pig Face Ugly - front

Pig Face Ugly - back

Flat face Ugly - front

Flat Face - back
Thanks for popping by, Florix Grabundae


  1. Jason - I am SO happy to see this all-too-neglected range get the love it deserves! There's so much character and humour in these sculpts. Besides being great for any Dredd game, they make the ultimate extras/civies/militia in any Rogue Trader game.
    You did just a great job on everyone. I especially love those Uglies. Pig-Face, won't you marry me?

    1. Ha! Matthew Miss Piggy indeed. I hoping to recreate my childhood 'Big Meg' one day...properly with lot's of citizens, etc stay tuned I am painting up lots of JD just have to wait for days off work to photograph and blog.

  2. The scrawler is a personal favourite miniature for numerous reasons, but the selection here is just great.

    Really fun models and the paint palette is bang on for MC1.

    Scrotnig stuff Jason.

    1. Thanks Paul, I did start to paint darker tones but I just can't resist the crazy Brendan Mccarthy colours so they are creeping in again :)