Sunday 8 June 2014

Punk - RT601 - Adventurers

Here is my latest Rogue Trader Adventurer to receive a paint job, the Punk.

The Punk's miniature tag reads 'Space Punk' but I think he looks more like a feral warrior to me as he is dressed in furs and festooned with rat skulls, feathers and arm torcs, he would not be out of place in my Necromunda Rat Skin gang and could easily be a henchman to the excellent unreleased Feral Shaman posted on Steve's blog or my Feral Hero. He also carries an Eldar Las-pistol which he must have captured in a battle with the local Eldar pirates and sports the obligatory 1980's citadel designers favourite a mohican hair style, just like my Mad Punk he is another miniature obviously influenced by Mad Max and going by my unofficial mohican count in the Rogue Trader rulebook I think the designers and artists saw this as the official hair style of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Punk - front

Punk - back

Feral warrior of the 41st millenium

Punk from White Dwarf 99

Feral Warrior sporting mohican from the Rogue Trader rulebook

Everyone's favourite mohican wearing Punk from Mad Max 2

The complete Rogue Trader Adventurers range from White Dwarf 99.

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  1. He looks cool. Im not very keen on repurposed fantasy miniatures used in sci-fi, but I like a dedicated futuristic savage as much as the next guy. Conceptually I would like the sculpt a little more if the guys had some technological knick-knacks hanging from his belt or from a bracelet or something, even if the Punk doesnt actually know how to use them.

    The sculpt looks like a lot of fun to paint. After painting a few more of the Adventurers/Agents of the Imperium types recently I am going to have to try to pick up a few more from the ranges if I can. They have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them enjoyable to paint.

    I didnt know that you had done an unofficial RT mohican count :D Did you come up with a final figure?

    1. I counted about 21 :D I believe the sculpts were all originals and not taken from old lines, a couple of the adventurers were used as base models for later miniatures i.e. Space Pirate was used for the Talisman Astronaut. You are right about a bit of technology was needed even C series wizards had calculators, etc
      thanks Dude

  2. A rum looking character there - I have one that needs touching up. No doubt he will be giving my more strait laced Imperial difficulty before too long.

    1. No doubt, giving the Imperial Army a taste of his boomstick!!! :)

  3. slight mistake. i.e. Space Pirate was used as a base for the Talisman Space Pirate