Saturday, 15 June 2013

Warband Progress Part 10

Hi Folks,
Today's post is another Champion of Khorne for the pool of chaos miniatures to pick from for the OldHammer RoC Eventthe classic Realm of Chaos Champions of Khorne can be seen here.

This is one of my favourite chaos champion miniatures, gifted with technology which makes this miniature great for use in games of Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy.

So what gifts and attributes doe he have?  I would say apart from is Chaos Armour and Bladed Mace, he has Technology - Combi-Flamer/Bolter grafted on to his biomechanical arm,  a hunchback, horns and a prosthetic peg leg.

This miniature was obviously sculpted from the same dolly as the miniature in my last post.

Champion of Khorne (front)
Photo of the back of the miniature to show the Gigeresque sculpting of the biomechanical arm.
Champion of Khorne (back)

I painted the arm of this champion red for ease and to represent The Hand of Khorne. (see Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness, Page 48)

The Hand of Khorne

As my miniature has a peg leg, I have included the rules for prosthetic limbs and the funny thing is that you champion can only have one if you have Chaos Dwarves in your Warband else your champion may have to hop around the battlefield. (see Realm of Chaos, The Lost and the Damned, Page 74)

Prosthetics for characters
If you are really love your Realm of Chaos champions I would like to point you  wonderful blog, please join in and get following.

Ok, so what have I been listening too while painting miniatures this week?

Waiting Death Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken having one of his adventures.

Waiting Death (Audio drama)

Lucifer's Hammer (Audible) A really enjoyable disaster and post apocalyptic story.

Lucifer's Hammer | [Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle]

Thanks for looking and get joining my crew.


  1. To put it in just one word: Charm.

    That mini is bursting with charm, and the special rules are just pure genius.

    1. Thanks Suber, such kind words, I couldn't really imagine the GW of today being as imaginative.

  2. Excellent ! The colour device is ace and the rules choice is perfect. It's the second tim etoday I forget an excellent STD rule (I should read it 3 or 4 times tonight. Using the hand of Khorne on this one is such a good idea I'm jealous not to have thought of it myself (I actually forgoyt to gove it to any of my champions...)

    Thanks for the light on the competition, I guess it should help n°5 ^^

    1. Both RoC books are dripping with fantastic rules, painting the arm all red was a touch lazy but I couldn't resist.
      Love your competition, it needed plugging.



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