Sunday 29 March 2020

IC301 - Iron Claw Pirates Part 6

Hello, I revisited a stalled oldhammer project this week with the current lockdown in progress I managed to complete Psycho, Nixan and Pop Stewart from the 1987 IC301 Iron Claw Space Pirate range, this was a difficult post to complete as two of miniatures were a struggle to paint, they just didn't bring much to the party for me.

Only one more to finish and that's another range complete so stay tuned for 'Venk' who will be coming soon... when I bloody find him in lead pile, praying I haven't mistakenly traded him.

Psycho, Nixan and Pop Stewart

First up is 'Pop Stewart' who to me is an Amos Brearly lookalike and had me chuckling and muttering "nay, nay Mr Wilks!" while painting him, apart from the face I found this is an unexciting miniature and quite a basic sculpt, I find the eyes on Bob Olley sculpts can be bit all over the place which was the case here. I went for a blue colour scheme and painted the assault rifle with wooden components.
Pop Stewart - side

Pop Stewart - front

Pop Stewart - back

Next up is 'Psycho' armed with a machine gun which I am sure it one of Judge Dredd sculptor aids, this miniature has a nicely sculpted head, facial features and Rambo headband and again apart from the head quite a basic flat sculpt.
Psycho - side

Psycho - front

Psycho - back

Finally we have 'Nixan', I never owned this miniature back in the day and had great difficulty acquiring it and when I did my first impressions were that it was a flat and disappointing sculpt, when looking at the original Iron Claw Space Pirate advert I could never work out what was going on with him but when I finally had in my hands it looked like a sort of space arab, it wasn't until I was well into the paint job it started to appear as a space viking which ties in with a lot of features on some of the other miniatures of this range, more space viking raiders than pirates.  In the end I was really pleased with how this miniature turned out and unlike the other two in this post and will be proud to place in the cabinet with the rest of this range.
Nixan - front
Nixan - back

So that's it for todays post, one more to do for this project. Something special coming soon.


  1. Funnily enough, I always liked Pop Stewart for his mundane appearance. He really does feel like Mr Ordinary - a civilian slightly out of his depth! These are a nice new trio. Great to see them added to the project.

  2. I wrote a whole comment in the blog reader but I couldn't remember my password to leave it... Anyway I was given these three models after my friend Thor won them for painting ships at the old GW in Gastown he said the blister was labelled "Human Adventurers". I'd never seen them painted. We used them as hired guns for Necromunda but our Necro stuff never got painted, we proxied gangs waiting for them to come out, I eventually converted my Escher and started painting them but the campaign petered out. I've since thought of using them as Chaos cultists, but now that Necro is back, maybe they'll see action if I ever get to play it.

  3. I have to say thel look awesome. You really nalied them, that's exactly the kind of brushwork these asked for. Really superb!