Saturday 4 April 2020

C Series - C05 Oriental Heroes - Fox Priest

Today I have an interesting oldhammer miniature for you, the C Series C05 Oriental Heroes 'Fox Priest', this miniature appeared on the Citadel Miniatures June 1984 flyer, I think it was sculpted by Aly Morrison but I am not certain of this, someone had mentioned the Perry T

The miniature is obviously based on the Kitsune of Japanese legend and every time this miniature crops up that fact is immediately pointed out, a fun fact that always make me laugh is that in World War II the U.S. forces were planning an operation to play on the Japanese peoples fear of supernatural fox legends by parachuting illuminous painted foxes over Japan territories, almost as bonkers as the bat bomb :D 

The paint job is my typical feudal Japanese (Nippon) scheme, patterned and colourful very much in the style of my recent Oriental Ogre (Oni).  It's a lovely little miniature, very old school 25mm in scale, a nice details are the priest's staff which is carved into the shape of a oriental dragon and the priests traditional hat.

Along with my ogre the fox priest will certainly be a welcome addition to a future Nippon warband I am planning, I have all sorts of ideas bouncing around in this space so expect to see something else one day.

Kitsune requests the Oni joins him on his quest to topple the Sun Wukong

Fox Priest - side
Fox Priest - side
Fox Priest - front
Fox Priest - back

Thanks for dropping in, for the next post I am back to Judge Dredd miniatures.


  1. Lovely work - especially the detail on the patterned fabrics. I'll be coming back for inspiration when I get round to painting mine!

  2. One of the joys of the hobby is seeing how the same miniature is interpreted by different painters. Its also really good to see really old lead being given a new lease of life - a lots of the earlier models are far simpler, but more characterful than much of the newer stuff. I think you can count it as a success if you can breath life into old miniatures and people then want to have a crack at the same piece - certainly I want to have a go at this guy now (if I can find a copy via evil bay). looking forward to more Dredd as well!

  3. I've never even knew this existed until now! Lovely work, you've captured the oriental vibe very nicely with the patterning on the fabric.

  4. He looks amazing, great pattern detail on the fabric. Just ordered the whole range from Foundry Miniatures so have been googling C05 for inspiration