Tuesday, 13 April 2021

C29 Monsters - Giant Carnivorous Bird aka Culchan

Hello, today's post features a fun Oldhammer miniature that I recently painted while having a little break from Rogue Trader Pirates, so without further ado I give you the superb overgrown chicken that is the C29 Monsters - Giant Carnivorous Bird later aka the Culchan.

No real thought went into this paint job I was just messing around with colour with Parrots on my mind, this is the same original miniature I bought in Games Workshop Birmingham in the mid 1980's it has survived many miniature culls and has had several paint jobs and riders.

Released in the Autumn 1985 Citadel Journal and designed by Nick Bibby, I have included a snippets from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Bestiary of the Culchans stats and illustrations below just to prove that giant chickens were were a Warhammer thing.

Anyway enjoy the photos.

C29 Monsters - Giant Carnivorous Bird - left side

C29 Monsters - Giant Carnivorous Bird - right side

Imagine this running at you
C29 Monsters - Giant Carnivorous Bird - front

C29 Monsters advert from the Citadel Journal

Later C29 Culchan

Illustration from WFB 2nd Edition

Culchan entry from WFB 2nd Edition Bestiary

Illustration from WFB 2nd Edition

Even Orcs rode them!!!

and Ogres!!!

I hope you had as much fun viewing this quirky miniature as I did painting it
thanks for dropping in


  1. I've never seen this model before. He's a really cool model. Very good painting too. I really like the bright colours!

    1. I have been meaning to have a go again at this one for years, basic paint job but the colours hide that :)

  2. I love the daring colour scheme, JF! Well done. I'm sure you know this already, but Nick Bibby has gone on to become a very well regarded fine artist who specializes in sculptures of animals. That's why his monsters from the 1980's are so arresting.

    1. cheers Matt, I did read up on him recently a very talented man indeed



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