Thursday 6 July 2017

LE1 Space Orc

Hi Folks, today's Oldhammer treat is the 'not so' Limited Edition LE1 Space Orc. 

From what I believe the first Space 'Orc' to appear in the citadel ranges, there were other Orcs with a sci-fi twist like the Bazooka Orcs, Sleazy Rider and the Orc with machine gun in the Marauder miniatures Orc range but not until the launch of Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader where Orcs were renamed to Orks did true Space Orks come along, was this sculpt just a flight of fancy or a test miniature for the early development of Warhammer 40,000, many other miniatures appeared in the limited edition range featuring a sci-fi theme or technology equipped, Space Skeleton, Wizard with machine gun did anyone ever incorporate these into their early Rogue Trader games?  I do remember we used loads of  Sleazy Rider's.

What I like about this Orc is the primal animalistic appearance of the Orc, gorilla like, hunched over with big long limbering arms, giant tusks, he reminded me of The Planet of the Apes movies so much that I gave him a little U.S. flag on his arm, he wears a Space suit retro fitted with armour plates and a flight pack and armed with a crude combi-weapon of double barrelled blaster and battle-axe!!!

There is a nicely painted example over on Solegends.

These photos appear a little dark I may have to redo them.

LE1 Space Orc - side

LE1 Space Orc - front

LE1 Space Orc - side

LE1 Space Orc - back

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Tuesday 2 May 2017

LE9 Space Skeleton

Hello, today we a fun little miniature, another of the 'not so' Limited Edition's that Citadel Miniatures churned out, the Space Skeleton, released in 1986 and sculpted by Bob Naismith, I don't think there's anything else to really tell about this miniature.  The only undead I remember from the Warhammer 40,00 Rogue Trader rulebook were Vampires (Page 205) and Zombies (Page 207) so I guess you could use the rules for the latter to cover 'Space Skeletons' (I love saying that :D).  I was trying out the new Citadel Technical gemstone 'Soulstone Blue' paints on it's helmet visor and I think it worked quite well simply paint the area bright silver and wash the glossy thin colour over the top for effect.

There's other great painted examples over on Solegends, another here at Sho3box and on JB's blog Leadplague so get visiting them and show the guy's some love :)

Tim Prow's Diehard miniatures Kickstarter has a brilliant tribute to this miniature, it's a must see here on twitter which reminds me there is a thriving Oldhammer and old school miniatures/games following over on twitter that is worth checking out, it's really cool and tends to be a bit more mature than the Facebook carnage.

Space Skeleton - front

Space Skeleton - back

He gets about a bit

Next up we have 'Rambones' a Oldhammer miniature from the classic Citadel Miniatures C Series days, a 1987 C17 Skeleton sculpted I think by Aly Morrison. I painted this one up at the same time as my Space Skeleton and decided to include it here as it needed a home. Another play on the 1980's movie character Rambo which the citadel sculptors were quite keen on, I have a few citadel Rambo parodies so I may do a post on this subject one day.
Rambones - side

Rambones - side

Rambones - front

Rambones - back

White Dwarf 91 - C17 Skeletons, Rambones is on the top row

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Thursday 27 April 2017

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 6

Borag Thungg Earthlet,

Here's my latest batch of 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures, I have tried to discipline myself and do more weaponless citizens, the hoi polloi of Mega-City One's streets.

Again these miniatures are mostly from the JD3 Perps and Muties range with the occasional Slaughter Margin campaign miniature.

First up we have 'Bel' from the Slaughter Margin range a later 1987 sculpt, looks a bit like Richard Beckinsale, this Perp is a Scrawler and carries a couple of spray cans, an excellent addition to my non-combatant miniatures.

Bel the Scrawler from Slaughter Margin - front

Bel the Scrawler from Slaughter Margin - back

Next up is another inhabitant of Big Meg, nameless 'Citizen' who carries a very goblinoid looking mutie a baby, I took a few photos of this one to show you the baby too.

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - side

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - front

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - back

Citizen (with Mutie baby) - side

Next we have 'Squid Face' of the 'Mutie Brotherhoodin the Cursed Earth saga progs 65-66. I have already painted several members of his gang, Morgar the leader, Brother JobeeBrother GomorrahMutie with BazookaMutie in Dress, Brother Obee is the final Brotherhood member to complete and he'll be finished soon.

Squid Face - side

Squid Face - back

Squid Face - front

Continuing with have another Mutie 'Skink' I don't recall this one from any Dredd stories but I will be keeping my eye out for him as I read old progs at bedtime, he'll make a excellent Cursed Earth desperado and he is a variant of the Perp miniature 'Dib', I aim to do a post comparing all the Judge Dredd variants and how they were used to seed other ranges one day.
Skink - front

Skink - back

Here we have Captain Ravioli a miniature I painted back in the early 1990's and tidied up a little, he has Link Angels head and Rhode Island Red's body.

Captain Ravioli - front

Captain Ravioli - back

The next two miniatures are Judge Dredd Uglies, there were about 16 variants of 3 poses, the two below I also painted back in the early 1990's, I have loads of these Uglies and hope to paint enough for an Ugly Mug Ball (Prog 447) one day. We have Pig face and Flat Face below.

Pig Face Ugly - front

Pig Face Ugly - back

Flat face Ugly - front

Flat Face - back
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Saturday 8 April 2017

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour

Hello, today's miniature is an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour, a classic and much painted Oldhammer 40K miniature sculpted by Jes Goodwin and released in 1989, he armed with a Psycannon and Force Rod shaped like a Crozius Arcanum, festooned in Imperial livery, skulls, scrolls and arcane symbols whose meaning is long lost, he is the spiritual brother of the Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour as they were released and packaged together so if you owned one you usually owned the other, you can see my Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour here. (Updated photos below) 

The Ordo Malleus were introduced in the Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness book in the Warhammer 40,000 'Dark Millennium' section on page 246, the Psycannon made it's appearance here on page 250, he also appeared in Space Hulk illustrations and rules but I can't remember where at the moment.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - front

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - side

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - back

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - side

Illustration of Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with a squad of Grey Knights from White Dwarf 135, theres a cool looking 
Ordo Malleus standard behind him or attached to him.

Back united with his blister brother in arms some years on

I decided to have a go and taking some better photos of my Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour as the photos in his original post are quite poor.

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - front

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - side

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - back

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour - side

I hope you enjoyed these miniatures, there's lots more new paint jobs to follow so stay tuned.


Monday 20 February 2017

Rogue Trader - TSF18 Space Zoat Loorg

Welcome back, today's miniature is from the classic Warhammer 40,00 Rogue Trader Space Zoat's range, this one is named 'Loorg' and classified as a Hero, there were three other classes of Space Zoat, Officer, Trooper and Heavy Weapons Trooper.

I haven't read much fluff about this race and only what was written in the section from page 201 from the Warhammer 40,00 Rogue Trader rulebook (which I have included below for your enjoyment), I am sure this race was mentioned in Ian Watson's 1993 Warhammer 40,00 novel 'Space Marine' and were slaves of the Tyranid Fleet (fleet name escape me).

I didn't find this the most enjoyable miniature to paint and am dreading painting the other three miniatures from this range but I went for the classic green theme of the adverts.

Space Zoat Hero Loorg - front

Space Zoat Hero Loorg - side

Space Zoat Hero Loorg - side

I took this image from the classic Warhammer 40,00 Chapter Approved - Book of Astronomican as I love the name graphic and again confusing product code, TSF18??? (answers in the comments section please).

Loorg - RT Rulebook page 203

Space Zoat Hero Loorg - page 13 RT rulebook

Zoat section from page 201 from the Warhammer 40,00 Rogue Trader rulebook

Diego's Space Raider's Kickstarter campaign has a new version of the Space Zoat under the Alien Monsters header below and I look forward to painting this one and adding it as the leader of my Citadel Zoats.

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p.s. I have a spare Space Zoat Loorg for trade if you have anything really juicy for me :)

Monday 30 January 2017

RT602 - Ambull

Hello, well finally got around to painting one of the few alien miniatures created for the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader universe. 

The Ambull which was first described in the Rogue Trader rulebook page 207 and the miniature sculpted by Michael Perry was released March 1988 under the RT602 product code, I never did get the Rogue Trader product code system.

I went for the traditional colour scheme as shown in White Dwarf 99 and while painting this miniature it got me thinking that maybe it had its origins in the Umber Hulk of the Dungeons and Dragons universe or even the Ankheg of the Forgotten Realms setting as they both have similarities.

Here's my version.

Ambull - front

Ambull - back

White Dwarf 99 Ambull

Below are the first game rules for Ambulls taken from page 207 of the 1987 Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook.

The first Ambull, the miniature lost those antennae near it's mouth

Below are the rules for Ambulls with points cost taken from page 64 of White Dwarf 99.

The D&D Umber Hulk, I think you'll agree there is a likeness.

There's another great Ambull post over on sho3box, I recommend you visit and follow for essential reading.

Thanks for popping in and please follow as Space Zoats are coming soon.