Friday 20 May 2016

SFD Giant Robots - Imperial & Scout

Hi Folks,
For today's post I have for you two SFD Giant Robots Imperial and Scout sculpted by Bob Naismith and had a limited release in 1987 via a mail order flyer (which was common practice back then) and designed to be used as Warbots, page 42 in the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook, I am lucky enough to own all the Robots in this range and love their aesthetics, although they are not so giant as the name suggests. Imagine these on the modern 40k battlefield as Battle-Automata, I can.

Scout and Imperial Giant Robots
Imperial the tallest robot in the range screams manga at me, the samurai style of the robot has a lot of charm and would also make a excellent Nippon construct for the certain Frostgrave warband I am aware of, his right hand looks like it had a plate for weapon to be attached (maybe a Sword?) but this never made it to the final miniature. I should mention that some Citadel collectors know this miniature as 'Tank' as the first flyer wasn't clear on who's who.  

I went a bit mental with the colour scheme for this robot, red, white and blue, I must be watching too much of the US presidential candidate race and so I introduce to you Trumpbot© Mark I.

Imperial - front
He has wings does this suggest he can fly or are they a weapon?

Imperial - back

Scout the smallest of the range appears very Battletech, no bright colour schemes he is a scout after all so I painted this one in very earthy tones but not camouflage which would disrupt in those lovely sculpted lines and wouldn't really what to be advertising his whereabouts in red, white and blue.

Scout - front
Scout - back

I hope you like my latest work please come back and enjoy my take on classic miniatures.
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  1. Brilliant ! I love the look of them and the different colourschemes you've chosen for each. the red white and blue (or is it bleu blanc rouge?) scratches my Transformers itch. ;)

  2. What a great set of miniatures to own! And I love the way you've painted them -- old skool!
    That Scout is such a great sculpt. You're right that he'd fit right into any Battletech technical readout. At least one of the good ones.