Tuesday 24 January 2017

Citadel Judge Dredd Perps Part 5

Borag Thungg Earthlet,

Here's this months 1985 citadel Judge Dredd miniatures I am still working on.

These miniatures are again all from the JD3 Perps and Muties range.

First we have Morgar leader of the 'Mutie Brotherhoodin the Cursed Earth saga progs 65-66.  Also Fettuchini is a variant of this miniature. I have already painted several members of his gang, Brother JobeeBrother GomorrahMutie with BazookaMutie in Dress and Squid Face and Brother Obee are being prepped up at the moment so you hopefully see these soon.

Morgar - front

Morgar - back

Next we have 'The Fink' member of the Angel family (gang) who attempts to get revenge on Judge Dredd for the the death of his family in Progs 193-196, like most of my miniatures I had already painted this back in the day and you can see him here 'Old Fink' but I felt the need to strip him and have another go 20+ years on.

Fink Angel - front

Fink Angel - back

Here we have (Mrs) Mad Ma Mahaffy a character from the early days of Judge Dredd Prog 18, the head under her arm is a 'Brainbloom' (and that's as much as I am going to tell without spoiling the story).
Mrs Mad Ma Mahaffy

Next we have two of the three Wreckers in the range, 'Wrecker Charging' and Wrecker 'Advancing' from the story 'The Wreckers' in Progs 374-375.  I have seen a few painted examples of these miniatures and most tend to go for the Ninja black look which if you look at the cover of Prog 375 below you will see was not the case as they were ordinary citizens (perps).
Wrecker Charging - front

Wrecker Charging - back

Wrecker Advancing - back

Wrecker Advancing - front

Prog 375

And finally we have 'Don Helmut' the name says it all, he is a variant of one of the Wrecker sculpts I have yet to repaint and has had a head swop with the Security miniature, as well as his Wreckers crowbar and badge he also appears to carrying a Lawgiver , Let's hope he doesn't pull the trigger.
Don Helmut - front

Don Helmut - back

Thanks for popping in, Florix Grabundae


  1. Quality work Jason, loads of fun.

    I didnt know that a brainbloom had ever been sculpted!

    1. thanks Paul, it was a really bizarre story, one of 2000ad's more bonkers ideas :)

  2. O my, these bring back some memories for sure.

    Lovely painting - Fink was a fav character of mine as a lad.

    1. Hi Dai, I agree, I think as we were more feral than today's children he appealed to that side of us, I have a photo of me in the early 80's wearing a 2000AD 'I am a Fink' t-shirt :D

  3. Fink has come out particularly well

    1. thanks mate, he does turn up in various blue/green hues, but that one worked for me.

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