Sunday 8 June 2014

Imperial Assassin - RT601 - Adventurers

 The latest Rogue Trader Adventurers miniature to roll off my painting desk the Imperial Assassin.  This female assassin is the epitome of what Imperial Assassins should be like, light weight, small, synthskin, armed with Jokaero digital weapons and poisonous shurikens, just enough to get the job done and looking sexy while doing it, she would make a perfect 'Meh'Lindi from the Inquisition War TrilogyNone of the nonsense off later years when Imperial Assassins Eversor, CallidusVindicare and Culexus were one man armies in Warhammer 40K 2nd edition. There was also two more Rogue Trader assassins made slightly later, a male assassin which awaits a lick of paint in my ToDo box and another female assassin which I do not own yet.

Imperial Assassin - front

Imperial Assassin - back

Imperial Assassin and friends from the future w40k 2nd edition

Rogue Trader Assassins and Jokaero digital weapons

RT601 - Adventurers project progress so far

The united colours of Rogue Trader..whoops the Imperial Bodyguard managed to sneak into this photo

Anyone who is a fan of Rogue Trader miniatures will surely know of the classic citadel Judge Dredd range these miniatures were great for use in Rogue Trader games, get over to Chicos blog and learn more about these goodies.

Here some of my Judge Dredd miniatures I found out to inspire him, more to come when I actually find them....

Mega City Judges


I hope you like :)

Punk - RT601 - Adventurers

Here is my latest Rogue Trader Adventurer to receive a paint job, the Punk.

The Punk's miniature tag reads 'Space Punk' but I think he looks more like a feral warrior to me as he is dressed in furs and festooned with rat skulls, feathers and arm torcs, he would not be out of place in my Necromunda Rat Skin gang and could easily be a henchman to the excellent unreleased Feral Shaman posted on Steve's blog or my Feral Hero. He also carries an Eldar Las-pistol which he must have captured in a battle with the local Eldar pirates and sports the obligatory 1980's citadel designers favourite a mohican hair style, just like my Mad Punk he is another miniature obviously influenced by Mad Max and going by my unofficial mohican count in the Rogue Trader rulebook I think the designers and artists saw this as the official hair style of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Punk - front

Punk - back

Feral warrior of the 41st millenium

Punk from White Dwarf 99

Feral Warrior sporting mohican from the Rogue Trader rulebook

Everyone's favourite mohican wearing Punk from Mad Max 2

The complete Rogue Trader Adventurers range from White Dwarf 99.

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Tuesday 13 May 2014

Navigator - RT601 - Adventurers

Hey friends, well I finally did it, I finished the Rogue Trader Adventurers Navigator which I started painting about a year ago.  I was tempted to drill a hole in his forehead and insert a ball of green stuff for his third eye but I thought such vandalism to a classic miniature would be heresy, here is my interpretation of him dressed in his Imperial navy uniform and armed with a laspistol. I gave his flesh a base of classic citadel Rotting Flesh paint to give the feel that he spends all his time in the void and gets no sunlight. I think he makes a perfect addition to any Imperial Inquisitors retinue, he reminds me of the navigator Vitali Googol in Ian Watson's Inquisition War Trilogy and as I have painted up the miniature I think resembles Draco he will make a perfect Vitali or maybe Azul Petrov another navigator character from the Harlequin novel (part 2).   

In the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader rulebook (1st Edition) and accompanying supplements many of the miniatures from the early RT ranges appeared in black and white illustrations, I had a brief look but could not find him, if you see this miniature illustrated anywhere please let me know.

You can read more Warhammer 40K fluff about Navigators here and here.

You can find him on the original White Dwarf advert over at Solegends RT 601 Adventurers.

Navigator - front

Navigator - back

I recommend you also visit Sho3box's great blog for his fantastic painted version of this miniature and lots of other Rogue Trader goodness. 

I also thought I would share some other miniatures from my collection, these characters I painted for use in the Dark Heresy RPG, some of these are more modern but I needed NPCs so had to sell out.

An Imperial Witch Hunter and his Retinue
Lex Mechanic Sage, Sister Hospitaller Chirurgeon, Scribe
Servo Skulls, Witch Hunter, Cherubim

Titan Crew - Princeps Seniores, Space Santa, Talisman Timescape Scientist (the titan crewman was painted in the late 80's hence the different style)
RT601 - Pirate (Sensei), Commissar (Pirate Captain), Sanctioned Psyker (Sensei and Commissar were painted in the late 80's hence the different style)
Necromunda Bounty Hunter

What's next I hear you ask, here is what is currently on the painting table

Chaos Champion of Khorne, Chaos Beastman 'Hesh', Imperial Assassin and Punk

Hope you enjoyed :)

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Name The Publication?

Quick post today, I was looking for some reading material and came across this really cool Rogue Trader advertisement 'The European Range', can you name the publication this image was scanned from?

I just had to share it :)

oh and here's another

Sunday 27 April 2014

Painting Resumes And Chaos Reigns

Hello Friends, 
As some of you know I had have a had break from blogger and painting due to the birth of my second son (18 years apart) so the painting and modelling room had to be swapped out for a nursery.  Things are slowly getting back to normal here so I managed to set-up my painting desk in the guest room over the Easter holidays and knock out a few miniatures, I still have a thirst on for Realm of Chaos Thugs and aim to paint every single one ever released, here are some of my latest efforts.

The first Chaos Thug I painted is 'Zarygor Bloodrage', this well fearsome looking Chaos Thug was originally from the F5 - Marauders range designed by the Perry twins before being incorporated into the Chaos Thug ranges. Being more armoured than your average Chaos Thug Zarygor would make a nice command miniature or a leader for you warband.

Zarygor Bloodrage

Next miniature I painted is 'Number 14' from the Chaos Thug range featured in White Dwarf 101, unfortunately citadel stopped naming rank and file troops so he is simply '14', the sculpt is a bit bigger than your usual Chaos Thug but he adds variety to a unit.

Number 14
Here we have another miniature from White Dwarf 101 Chaos Thug range 'Number 17', a bit of a strange individual who looks like he has been pulled straight out of a Conan the Barbarian story, the sculpts of the later Chaos Thugs were really fantastical and by so many different scuplters (Jes Goodwin, Trish and Aly Morrison, and Micheal and Alan Perry) and in so many different styles.

Number 17
Next I painted 'Haitch Shieldblow' from the Chaos Thug range in White Dwarf 98, he has a chain shackle around his neck so I imagine he was a escaped slave or convict that ended up in the chaos wastes.

Haitch Shieldblow
I then painted 'Number 19' from White Dwarf 101 Chaos Thug range, nice to see a Chaos Thug who does not look human.
Number 19
Next is 'Stoop' from the classic CH6 Chaos Thug range in White Dwarf 92, probably my favourite range released ever.

And 'Rivet' another classic miniature from the CH6 Chaos Thug range in White Dwarf 92.

I found out an Arcane Armorials shield transfer to make him truly Oldhammer.

Arcane Armorials shield transfer
This next miniature I purchased cheap from Ebay with the intention of stripping it and repainting it but when it arrived apart from a lot of scratches and chips to the paint work I thought the paint job was quite good so a bit of a repaint and repair was in order and I was pleased with the salvage job.

He is 'Nud Spinespittle' a C35 Chaos Warrior from the Third Citadel Compendium, a lot smaller than the Realm of Chaos era warriors and champions so I thought he would fit into my Chaos Thug regiment just nice, this is my plan for most of the earlier smaller Chaos Warriors.

Nud Spinespittle Chaos Warrior

Then I got a bit bored and knocked out a couple of C11 Halflings, why? no idea, I might do some more as I have the whole range in an old dusty box .  I had to make some new swords for them and pin them on as the original swords were dark grey bits of lead wire thin. More Halflings can be seen here on the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki.

Shield design was inspired by a baby grow I was dressing the little one in, the theme was counting sheep which is quite apt for a Halfling shield I think :D
Big Waist

Oh! I have just found a few photos I took at last years Oldhammer event, if you are pictured in any of these photos and did not get a mention let me know and I will put your name up as it was last August and a few of your names escape me now. 

The Realm of Chaos event board
The very impressive Wargames Foundry building

My Khornate Warband assembled for bloodletting
Orlygg's partner in crime Dan reading some rules to two leaders of Slaaneshi warbands
Orlygg and Ninja watching the action unfold

Warlord Paul leading Lord Savage's Slaaneshi Warband
Ninja dealing some death with his Khornate Warband
Lord Savage and that 'effing' Troll he was so stupid
Some Ogres beating up my Chaos Beastmen

A fantastic BloodBowl stadium

It's great to be back :D

Monday 29 July 2013

Moving House or not

Hi Friends,
I must apologise for the recent lack of posts on my blog but I was completely snowed under packing all my belongings for my house move next month, I have been a fan of miniature gaming since the age eleven so as you can imagine I have had thirty years to acquire a lot of stuff, I shuddered when I first inspected my loft and realised it would take weeks to clear. 

*Update* The house moved never happened I sold it then cancelled, the pressure of the whole event lead to me breaking up with my long term partner so I am sitting here in a painting room stacked to the ceiling of boxes of classic gaming stuff, I still aiming to attend the Oldhammer event as I am fully booked for everything and only have one more miniature to paint for the RoC warband event and a squad of marines or renegades for the RT event.

I did want to show the throng of boxes packed with all sorts of goodness inside before the move but now the are stacked up neatly and are definitely not going back up the loft to be forgotten again.

No condolences please I am in doing OK and in a good place can't wait to meet all the guys I do not know in person this August, I shall try and post something worthy soon just having a brief hiatus, don't write me off sometimes real life gets in the way.