Saturday 16 February 2013

Space Amazon - RT601 - Adventurers

Hey, I am slowly updating the photos of some of my older posts and here is the first updated post, I hope you enjoy.

Here is today's first miniature from the RT601 - Adventurers range, a Space Amazon, see here also Rogue Trader Adventurers, Mercenaries, Pirates - Collectors Guide.

Space Amazon - front

Space Amazon - back

I am sure this model was based on John Blanche's 'Amazon' painting, my picture is taken from my Ratspike book.

John Blanche's 'Amazon'

She makes a great addition to an Inquisitorial warband and reminds me of characters from the Eisenhorn and Ravenor novels.  She is available to use whenever we play the W40K RPG Dark Heresy.

Another similar miniature is the LE15 - Chaos Amazon model another miniature based on another one of John Blanche's paintings, this time 'Amazon Gothique' which was featured on the front cover of White Dwarf 79, it was a limited edition miniature and shared it's blister pack with 'The Warlock' from the cover of the Fighting Fantasy magazine 10.

And here is my painted version of Amazon Gothique or Chaos Amazon (LE15).

LE15 Chaos Amazon - front

LE15 Chaos Amazon - back

John Blanche's 'Amazon Gothique'

Amazons from Ratspike and White Dwarf 82

The evolution of the Amazon miniature produced by Citadel Miniatures and as you can see below the Realm of Chaos era Champion of Slannesh shares many attributes of the original Amazon.

Amazons over the years

** Update September 2017 **

A nice new version of Amazon Gothique for a Necromunda 2017 advert, just artwork at the moment, shame if it ever comes out it will be made in plastic :(

Amazon Gothique for the new age
** Update April 2018 **

And here with have it the new Necromunda Amazon

** Update January 2019 ** my version of Belladonna - Noble Bounty Huntress

Belladonna - Noble Bounty Huntress

This next miniature is also worth a special mention, available at Hasslefree Miniatures sculpted by Kev White, she named 'Jenova' and as you see below definately draws influence from Amazon Gothique.

Last one for now, another Amazon Gothique tribute by Geoff Solomon-Sims of Oakbound Studios.

Other Amazons spotted

Apparently she was coming to AoS once upon a time

There are a couple more painted versions of this miniature here and here.

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Thursday 14 February 2013

Pilot Lorgar - RT601 - Adventurers

Another miniature from the RT601 - Adventurers collection (my favourite set), Pilot Lorgar and again the original advert can be seen here solegends, this chap reminds me of someone from Dune, maybe a House Atreides ornithopter pilot.

Pilot Lorgar - front

Pilot Lorgar - back

As you can as a theme is developing, I delved into my massive Rogue trader collection when we started playing Dark Heresy RPG a couple of years ago and found so many suitable miniatures, the words 'space opera' jump out at me when sift through my old RT miniatures.

Female Warrior Gabs - RT601 - Adventurers - Adeptus Sororitas

Hi, Todays miniature from my Rogue trade collection is Female Warrior Gabs of the Adeptus Sororitas, a possible forerunner for the Sisters of Battle range.

You can see the original advert over here on Solegends RT 601 Adventurers.

Here is my painted miniature armed with a sword and Bolter and standard marine design power armour. What I love about this miniature which is not evident in the photo is that the female power armour has high heels, now the breast plate is understandable but high heels, it would be like posting a modern British female soldier out to Afganistan in high heeled assault boots. I still have to get round to painting up the other miniature Female Warrior Jayne.

Female Warrior Gabs - front

Female Warrior Gabs - back

Art from the Rogue Trader rulebook portraying a Adeptus Sororitas,  not too far away from the miniature but a bit more of a 'Nun with a Gun' don't you think?  I am not quite sure what the rams skull signifies on both the miniatures and the illustrations shoulder pad but I am hoping one of you will tell me. 


Saturday 9 February 2013

Nurgle Chaos Champion

Something a bit different today, here is a Nurgle chaos champion I painted to be a cult leader, you know the sort of thing something for our Dark Heresy characters to hunt down in game, etc, etc.  A great miniature from the classic Realm of Chaos range, he represents a Nurgle chaos champion with the gift of technology, you needed to be lucky and roll 866-880 on a D1000 for technology on the attribute table while generating a champion to lead your warband (see Orlygg's blog for the attribute table and more, I strongly recommend his RoC site, hours of fun reading) which is funny as citadel made a ton of chaos champions with technology but the roll was so hard.

The citadel 'red' catalogue (1991 Catalogue - section 2) page for this miniature can be see here Champions of Nurgle interestingly it looks like 3 miniatures were made from this base 'dolly' this one 'pistol and sword, another with 'bell staff and sword and the last 'fly mutation and axe', I am a bit miffed as I sold the other two on eBay years ago and wish i hung onto them as the fly mutation is so cool.

Chaos Champion of Nurgle - front

Chaos Champion of Nurgle - back


Thursday 7 February 2013

Old World Jack - RT7 - Mercenaries

Hi, Today's miniature from my collection is Old World Jack, one of the RT7 Mercenaries, great miniatures full of character, there was lots of art work based on these miniatures in the original Warhhamer 40,000 Rogure Trader Rulebook (1st Edition).

Here is my painted version, funny thing is that he doesn't seem to be wearing power armour but has the armour power pack, I think the designers originally envisaged the backpack to be some sort of jump/flight pack. At best I would say he was wearing carapace armour.

Old World Jack - front

Old World Jack - back

Old World Jack - front

Old World Jack - back

Old World Jack searching a 'derelict' space hulk for loot.

And here is a picture from the rulebook that I think you will agree is based on this miniature.

And here is a diorama from the rulebook with Him and other RT7 Mercenaries being ambushed.


Wednesday 6 February 2013

Adeptus Arbites

I have had a day off work today so I thought I would treat you to another miniature, I originally painted this miniature up as my Dark Heresy Arbitrator character but soon realised that an Arbitrator attached to an Inquisitorial warband wouldn't really go around in his service uniform on missions so I had to find another suitable miniature. (I will show you miniature conversion in a future post)

I am big fan of WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles) and loved the classical look of this miniature with his crested helmet so painting him was pleasure and I have always loved the design of the Power Maul. You can see the original miniature here Citadel Miniatures Blue 1991 Catalog - Section 1

Adeptus Arbites - side

Adeptus Arbites - front

Adeptus Arbites - back

Note: I found this miniature in one of those massive loose miniatures for sale boxes at Wolverhampton Alumwell Wargame Show, his pistol arm was sawn off so I had to replace with a marine arm and a Laspistol but I don't think you can really tell.

Here is the miniature I converted for my Dark Heresy Arbitrator character, I used a Necromunda House Delaque with shotgun miniature and made simple head swap and added a Westwind miniatures Arthurian head this miniature is better suited to sneaking around the underhive not trying to draw attention to himself.


Imperial Bodyguard - Adeptus Custodes

Hey,  For today's post an Adeptus Custodes.

This first miniature was from the First Warhammer 40k releases March 87 flyer See flyer here he is listed as an Imperial Bodyguard.  This miniature reminds me of one of the 2000AD comic character Torquemada Terminiators he wears a similar antifaz steeple hood travelling the galaxy in search of Xenos. (very Ku Klux Klan like)

Imperial bodyguard - front

Imperial bodyguard - back

Imperial bodyguard - front

Imperial bodyguard - back

In the first edition rule book you can see a picture of him guarding the Emperor.  See below.

And Imperial Bodyguards with an Astropath here, I think the artist used the citadel miniature 'Astropath Yerl' as reference for his drawing.

Imperial Bodyguard escorting what looks like a Tech-priest, I think the artist used the citadel miniature 'Tech-priest Zon' as reference for his drawing.

I hope you enjoy

Friday 4 January 2013

Space Marine - RT101 - Brother Potter

Today's post is of a RT101 Space Marine as seen in the original White Dwarf 100 advert here solegends, I am quite fond of this miniature, he sort of resembles a Techmarine but I think he was a early version of a Marine with his helmet off, he is covered in great details, all sorts of breathing tubs, optic implants, ear pieces and a head mic and pouches.  I painted this marine as a member of the Flesh Tearer's chapter.

** summer 2020 Updated photo with metal backpack replacement **
Space Marine 'Brother Potter' - side

Space Marine 'Brother Potter' - back

Space Marine 'Brother Potter' - side

Space Marine 'Brother Potter' - front

Space Marine 'Brother Potter' - back


Thursday 3 January 2013

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator Armour

Hello from rainy Birmingham UK, so after my first initial post on this blog I thought I would treat you to another miniature from my Rogue Trader collection.

This miniature is the classic Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour from Forces of the Imperium collection, now I think everyone owns and has painted this miniature but I posted it as I found it quite a difficult miniature to paint, unfortunately I assembled it first and laid on the uncoated so I had the tough job of getting in all the hard to reach places but I think the results are satisfactory.
Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour - front

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour - side

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour - back

Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour - side
Imperial Inquisitor in Terminator armour - lower angle

Imperial inquisitor onboard a space hulk.

This Inquisitor miniature has a striking resemblance to Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Jaq Draco on the cover of Ian Watson's novel 'Inquisitor', part one of the Inquisition Wars trilogy.

Thanks for looking